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​LPC is an investment firm that takes a long-term approach with a specific focus on relationships.  By prioritizing "doing things the right way" we feel we can create partnerships and friendships that span decades, not just an investment period.

Given our divergence from the typical private equity model, LPC tends to be a breath of fresh air for sellers and management teams.  We are great partners for those seeking liquidity but not quite ready to hang it up.

We make control investments in businesses located in the Eastern and Central US with $10 million to $200 million of revenue.  

Over the last 15 years, the principals of LPC have raised over $1.2 billion of capital across 40+ transactions.

  • NO growth-stifling debt​

  • NO quick flips

  • NO lipstick-wearing pigs

  • NO magic wands

  • NO jerks

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